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Stevens Pass Spring Park Snowboarding

May 3, 2012

I just edited this Stevens Pass spring park all mountain snowboard park snowboard video. Its from last weekend on April 30th. Watch Colin Spencer and Madison Ellsworth tour the Stevens Pass and meet up with friends like Matt Wainhouse, Kevin Hanson, Dan Reid, Tony Richards, and Travis Cloughton for some hardcore spring shred in Stevens sick springtime setup. Stevens stayed open for some extra days in April and we had to get up to the mountain to enjoy the shred. Its awesome to see the resort stay open longer than I can remember and keep the park in such tip-top shape.


Filming at the See Sound Lounge

May 1, 2012

Colin Spencer and Madison Ellsworth get ready for their skit.

We went to the See Sound Lounge, a club in the neighborhood of Belltown, in Seattle, Washington to film a skit for our new movie “Wildcard TV” on Saturday, April 29th. The skit is going to be called Bro-Pro. More info coming soon.

The Bro-Pro cam is assembled
The Bro-Pro cam is assembled by Kurt Jenson, mastermind of many funny skits.

A screen grab from the skit we filmed, hilarious!

The ladies were out.

The DJs kept the crowd in a fever all night.

The crew from WildCard nailed another skit for the new movie, I can’t wait for it to be edited.

Special thanks to Brooke James for hooking up the filming location and to Bryce and the crew at See Sound Lounge for letting us film.


Filmed the Mt Baker Cat Gap Today

April 4, 2012

Today we hit the Mt Baker Cat Gap. The conditions were partly cloudy with some extended bluebird skies. The crew was me, Colin Spencer, Madison Ellsworth, and Langer, a filmer from Minnesota/Breckenridge/Snohomish. Luke Thorington showed up to help build, Carson Artec snapped some photos on his Canon 7d and Nick Ennen came out with his dog Luca to snag a few shots. Highlights were the epic sunlight and Colin Spencer snagged a backside 720 that was a definite solid shot for a video part. It was also a successful photo mission, I was able to grab some shots of the cat gap from a few unexplored angles.