Mt Baker Banked Slalom 2013

February 11, 2013

The Mt Baker Banked Slalom is always an awesome event. Its a weekend filled with good times and a place you can always visit to see old friends. People race down the course, others hike for powder lines, and some even manage to do both. I decided to mostly shred hard during the 3 days so I didn’t take that many photos. Sometimes you just gotta ride for fun, even if you are carrying heavy camera gear. I did enjoy filming/photographing the Mt Baker Banked Handplant Competition, a new event for the more freestyle-oriented riders. It was a fun weekend. Thanks to Patrick McCarthy for hosting me and numerous other friends at his cabin in Glacier.

Here’s some video of Carl Lautenbach and Morgan Rose sending it off the Diving Board Cliffs, even though the landing looked pretty sketchy.

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