Retro Fools Day at Stevens Pass

April 23, 2012
Retro Fools Day

Retro Fools Day

Retro Fools Day is an event where everyone grabs their oldest snowboards, and snow gear to dress up and re-live the good ole days of shredding when neon and one-piece suits were essential. Stevens Pass has been hosting the event for 3 seasons now, and this year was the biggest yet. They had a Chinese Downhill race and this year’s highlight: The Stunt Ditch. The Stunt Ditch was a hand-dug halfpipe just like the original halfpipe contests of yesteryear. You could only qualify for prizes if you were wearing old-school gear and were shredding on an old board, preferably the one you had when you first started shredding. There were some Kemper Snowboards, Old Lib-Techs, Wave Rave, Sims, and more. I missed the Chinese Downhill, and spent my morning lapping the Stevens Terrain Park, which is super sick right now. Then at about 2pm the Stunt Ditch opened and the real fun began. It was a highlight to see people bringing back all types of grabs that would never be considered “legit” by today’s standards, and you received extra props if you even knew what trick was what. Jesse Burtner kept asking people to do a “Jay Grab” and I’m not sure anyone including himself could even remember what is was. Jules, Nate, and the rest of the Stevens Crew did it again, and brought another unique event to the northwest. The good times were had by all, and it was another great weekend on the hill.


Retro snowboarders checking out the Stunt Ditch

B-Rad getting Rad on an old Lib Tech

Kyle Phillips

Kyle Phillips Roast Beef Grab

Brian Schaefer

Brian Schaefer on an Old Sims- Leave a comment if you know grab or board model

Mike Hattrup

Mike Hattrup

Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson

Old School Lamar Snowboard

Lamar Nethod - Leave a comment if you know the rider name and/or what snowboard model this is and year

Tim and Cannon Carlson

Tim and Cannon Carlson


Tim Carlson


Kurt Jenson Stylie Method


Nate Escalona

Jenny Tofe & John Logic from Sno Con

Jen Tofe & John Logic from Sno Con

Jen Tofe on a Burton Air

Jen Tofe on a Burton Air


Russel Winfield

Ian Wood

Ian Wood

Ryan Waiste

The winner - Ryan Waiste who was throwing huge methods

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