Holy Moly 2012

April 15, 2012

Holy Moly
Holy Moly 2012 was a good ole NW quarter pipe session in the tradition of the “Holy Oly” events where Summit at Snoqualmie pushed up a nice transition and allowed the boarders, skiers, and snow skaters to go crazy. Up for grabs was a whole pallet of Olympia Beer.
Some locs showed up and threw down in the excellent all mountain park and the slushy quarter. The weather was amazing and was some of the first legit spring riding sessions I’ve had since last season. Its so much better to ride park when theres slushy landings. It can be a lot stickier, but the springtime is one of my favorite times to ride. Hopefully some of the Washington resorts can stay open late this year and we can keep riding some really fun park features.

Just some of the many features of the Summit Central Snowboard Park


Patrick McCarthy was throwing down some big tricks


Luke Thorington winner of the Holy Moly 2012

Since the prize was a pallet of Olympia beer, no one went home empty handed

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