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Retro Fools Day at Stevens Pass

April 23, 2012
Retro Fools Day

Retro Fools Day

Retro Fools Day is an event where everyone grabs their oldest snowboards, and snow gear to dress up and re-live the good ole days of shredding when neon and one-piece suits were essential. Stevens Pass has been hosting the event for 3 seasons now, and this year was the biggest yet. They had a Chinese Downhill race and this year’s highlight: The Stunt Ditch. The Stunt Ditch was a hand-dug halfpipe just like the original halfpipe contests of yesteryear. You could only qualify for prizes if you were wearing old-school gear and were shredding on an old board, preferably the one you had when you first started shredding. There were some Kemper Snowboards, Old Lib-Techs, Wave Rave, Sims, and more. I missed the Chinese Downhill, and spent my morning lapping the Stevens Terrain Park, which is super sick right now. Then at about 2pm the Stunt Ditch opened and the real fun began. It was a highlight to see people bringing back all types of grabs that would never be considered “legit” by today’s standards, and you received extra props if you even knew what trick was what. Jesse Burtner kept asking people to do a “Jay Grab” and I’m not sure anyone including himself could even remember what is was. Jules, Nate, and the rest of the Stevens Crew did it again, and brought another unique event to the northwest. The good times were had by all, and it was another great weekend on the hill.


Retro snowboarders checking out the Stunt Ditch

B-Rad getting Rad on an old Lib Tech

Kyle Phillips

Kyle Phillips Roast Beef Grab

Brian Schaefer

Brian Schaefer on an Old Sims- Leave a comment if you know grab or board model

Mike Hattrup

Mike Hattrup

Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson

Old School Lamar Snowboard

Lamar Nethod - Leave a comment if you know the rider name and/or what snowboard model this is and year

Tim and Cannon Carlson

Tim and Cannon Carlson


Tim Carlson


Kurt Jenson Stylie Method


Nate Escalona

Jenny Tofe & John Logic from Sno Con

Jen Tofe & John Logic from Sno Con

Jen Tofe on a Burton Air

Jen Tofe on a Burton Air


Russel Winfield

Ian Wood

Ian Wood

Ryan Waiste

The winner - Ryan Waiste who was throwing huge methods


Holy Moly 2012

April 15, 2012

Holy Moly
Holy Moly 2012 was a good ole NW quarter pipe session in the tradition of the “Holy Oly” events where Summit at Snoqualmie pushed up a nice transition and allowed the boarders, skiers, and snow skaters to go crazy. Up for grabs was a whole pallet of Olympia Beer.
Some locs showed up and threw down in the excellent all mountain park and the slushy quarter. The weather was amazing and was some of the first legit spring riding sessions I’ve had since last season. Its so much better to ride park when theres slushy landings. It can be a lot stickier, but the springtime is one of my favorite times to ride. Hopefully some of the Washington resorts can stay open late this year and we can keep riding some really fun park features.

Just some of the many features of the Summit Central Snowboard Park


Patrick McCarthy was throwing down some big tricks


Luke Thorington winner of the Holy Moly 2012

Since the prize was a pallet of Olympia beer, no one went home empty handed

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Stephen Marley in Seattle, WA at the Showbox

June 19, 2011

Stephen Marley at the Showbox Seattle

Stephen Marley at the Showbox Seattle

Stephen Marley came to Seattle Sunday June 19th at the Showbox Downtown near the Pike Place Market during his Revelation, Pt. 1: The Root of Life – Stephen Marley tour. Stephen was joined by guest Sragga Benz for a 3 hour plus performance that included hits from Mind Control, Revelation, Pt. 1: The Root of Life, and Stephen’s father, the legendary Reggae master from Jamaica, Bob Marley. Its cool to see one of the Marley brothers anytime you can because they give off an aura of good vibes and you can feel somewhat closer to Bob Marley when you hear one of his classics recited by his son. Stephen Marley is joined by Ky-Mani Marley and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley as the singing sons Bob produced through his numerous relations with many women. When its a guy like Bob, it was best to spread his seed as much as possible. We benefit from the many members of the extended Marley family by getting a chance to continue the love and progression brought on by the love for reggae music. All in all in would rate a Stephen Marley concert two thumbs up for great crowd interaction, passionate music, and great drum playing. It amazed me that there was no opener, just hours of Stephen pumping us up with his hits. A highlight was seeing what seemed to be Stephen’s young son out dancing for a few songs, and the two female backup singers, who really get the crowd going.

Check out this Stephen Marley “Jah Army” remix featuring Biggie

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Deejay Julicio | Hiphop DJ | San Francisco / Santiago | Music Interview

June 13, 2011
Deejay Julicio Hiphop Artist from Chile

Deejay Julicio Hiphop Artist from Chile

Deejay Julicio Hiphop Artist from Chile

I would like to introduce my friend Deejay Julicio to the peeps of the World. We met in Santiago, Chile through a mutual friend pro snowboarder Sebastian Camus. I was down there at the end of the South American snowboard season and we decided it would be fun to throw a party celebrating the change of weather to springtime. The party we threw was called Off The Snow to The Beach.
From The Snow to The Beach Party Flyer

From The Snow to The Beach Party Flyer

I edited up a bunch of the most recent footy from my collection and we got 1000 of our closest friends together at a club called Subterraneo. Deejay Julicio slayed it on the turntables. Ever since then I’ve wanted him to play a concert in Bellingham to show my friends back home how to party Chilean style. Now I finally have the pleasure of hosting him for the Summer Hiphop Kickoff at the Wild Buffalo on July 1st. Unfortunately we can’t party at the clubs till 8am in Whatcom County, otherwise I’m sure he’d play all night!

Double Exposure DJ

Double Exposure DJ

Who are you, Where are you from?
I’m Deejay Julicio from Santiago de Chile.

Why did you move from Chile to San Francisco?
It was the right time for me to get out of Chile.

Deejay Julicio 2011

Deejay Julicio 2011

Who are your musical influences?
My musical influences started with my big brothers and their rock music. I love almost every style of music like Reggae, R&B, Electro, Bossanova, Pop, Techno, Latin etc…etc..

When did you realize you wanted to play music for a living?
Since very young I was always dancing, singing, playing drums, and my grandma’s vinyls, loving music.. I really got into music when i was 16. My first band I ever played in was called “Los Morton,” a funk rock rap band. I started scratching with them really young.

Deejay Julicio shooting a music video in front of the green screen

Deejay Julicio shooting a music video in front of the green screen

Have you ever had a big break, where someone gave you a chance to perform?
Yeah many times. Gigs sometimes come out of the blue.

What can people expect from your performance and musical style?
They can expect lots of energy & fun. I give it all on stage.

What’s your favorite venue or venues to play?
I love to play @ the Mezzanine Club in SF, I really would love to play @ Fabric in London and all over the world.

Who have you performed with?
I have shared the stage with Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Orishas, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Ghostface Killah, Pharaoh Monch & many more, too many to name right now….

Deejay Julicio and Method Man

Deejay Julicio and Method Man

I wanna shout my people from Santiago de Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil & all my Bay Area fam.


5 songs everyone should have on their playlist right now:
1-Zaturno (From Chile) – Florecer (feat. Pedro Foncea) – Esencial
2-Rick RossAll the Money In the World (feat. Raphael Saadiq) – Teflon Don (Produced By The Olympicks)
3-Zion IAlways – Atomic Clock
4-Bassnectar – Yes
5-Calle 13Digo Lo Que Pienso – Entren los Que Quieran (Deluxe Version)

Final Comment:
Get ready!!!


I’m throwing a Hiphop Show at The Wild Buffalo July 1st

June 11, 2011

I’m throwing a party July 1st at the Wild Buffalo to celebrate the end of a good winter and to start the summer off right. My friend Deejay Julicio from Chile will be on the 1s and 2s. My fellow Wildcard crewmember Tyson Anderson, also known as MIC T will be dishing his own form of hiphop. Son Duong is an artist I’ve know for a while and he’s gonna be doing a live art piece that night. Its gonna be so fun!

Concert at the Wild Buffalo

Summer HipHop Kickoff Concert at the Wild Buffalo

Funner Presents: The Summer Hiphop Kickoff – $10

Buy Tickets:

DEEJAY JULICIO is a turntablist who relocated from Santiago, Chile to San Francisco, CA. Now he’s coming to Bellingham, WA and the Wild Buffalo. He’s recently performed with Pharaohe Monche, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, GhostFace Killah as well as numerous other major acts in Santiago de Chile like Snoop Dogg, Orishas (Cuba) & Cypress Hill. Get ready for Hiphop/Latin/Funk/Scratch/Turntablism to get you on the dancefloor.

Deejay Julicio is Performing, check out this snowboard video with his music—>

MIC T – MIC T is from Kingsgate, Washington which is located on the eastside of Seattle. His interest in music artistically began when he started writing lyrics at the age sixteen and it intensified when he started producing beats at age twenty one. A continual learning process throughout those years MIC T aggressively pursued knowledge on beat making and learning song structure. After free styling and spitting written verses to his homies MIC T was ready to become more serious as far as making music. A chance encounter with old friend turned artist named Filthy McNast turned into him being brought to Undercaste Studios. It would be beneficial as he would be introduced to engineer Randy Ross and he would find a new home to record his music. MIC T’s has strong lyrical ability with a lot of originality to the hip hop game.

Mic T is Performing, check out this music video he just produced—>

Filthy McNast – Filthy is Hip-hop artist out of Kirkland, WA. Energetic music and showmanship is the basis of his art form. As a performer, Filthy has had the honor of selling out two venues as the only artist on the bill. He has opened for Kurupt, Young Bloods, Yukmouth, Jagged Edge and other artists.

“He kept me hyped and entertained”- Kurupt of DPG.

His next release “The Faces of Filthy” set to release late winter of 2011. Meanwhile, Filthy is still active in live performances in the State of Washington, from Bellingham to Olympia. He is currently on a soundtrack to a snowboarding movie “Saturday Night Ride” which debuted on Fuel TV, this April. Filthy’s first project “The Mock Album” consisted of tens songs and has to date sold 3000 records out of the truck, with over 1000 ringtone downloads from the album. The record was released May 28th 2010, on Filthy’s record label “Not 4 Play”. The label has a roster of artists that are currently working on group and solo projects.

Filthy McNast is Performing, check out this video of Filthy McNast and MIC T from a show at The Wild Buffalo in November 2010——->

The Fenix and Haley Monroe will be performing as well.

Son Duong will be doing live art!